Ever since I got my drone in the summer of 2020 I have been on and off with it. I guess a great learning experience is first to learn about all the laws and regulations so you can ensure a safe and legal flight. From there it’s an amazing machine that packs a punch in a small device. Here are some tips below including a video I made about getting started and using my favourite feature. Quickshots!

Now there are constantly new updates with drones but if you’re curious to see the capabilities of this drone be sure to check out the video below

Quickshots Tutorial Explained

1. Enusre No Obstacle Avoidance

Even if you’re in a open area with no people, animals objects it’s important to understand the flight path. Even that you’re standing at a given place how much space will you actually need when the drone flies around you.

USB charger cord

1. Battery Life

Very important you not only have a full battery but also constantly monitor the battery life especially when you’re using the autonomous modes for quickshots

2. Dronie

Fly back and

3. Rocket

Camera pointed downward just like a rocket

4. Circle

Fly around the subject

5. Helix

Acsend and spiral around the subject

6. Boomerang

Fly around the subject around an oval path

7. Asteroid

Fly backward ascend to the distance and then capture a stunning panorama

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