Why London?

My move to London is happening soon. With all my excitement I have been asked from family, friends and other people why London. Well there are many reasons. Which is why I created both a video and post below. Enjoy!

1. Curiosity

Grateful to live in Vancouver, Canada for the past 28 years. But It’s time to live in another city in the world. I have been very curious when chatting to friends, family and even colleagues about their experience when moving to a different country. This is where I got very intrigued and thought why not me. Let’s do this! November 2019 I received my UK passport.

2. Travel

When I visited Europe in 2019. I really enjoyed visiting Prague in Czech Republic, Berlin in Germany, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I loved how easy it was to explore countries. I understand that has certainly changed since COVID-19 but its important to be optimistic about travel in general. Refresh the mind body and soul. There are so many amazing experiences from travelling that I look forward to many more!

Map of Europe and hearts with flags of european countries

3. Visited Once!

I have gone one time which created all the buzz inspiration back in June of 2019. Where the inspiration first began. Talking to Jacob, my aunt and this is where interesting questions came from the trip.

4. Burroughs

There are 32 burroughs in London. The fascinating part of this is the fact there are so many unique areas to explore. From Camden, Shoreditch, Notting Hill, Chiswick, Mayfair, etc.

The bank district of central London, London, United Kingdom

5. Architecture

Anywhere and everywhere this is a unique mix of modern and traditional buildings. You definitely can notice this from high above at the Sky Garden.

6. Green Space

London is such an impressive, dense city yet there are so many beautiful parks. Something I was very fascinated by. In fact there are 3,00 parks small and large.

7. Countryside

I have always been inspired by seeing lovely photos of green hills, charming towns and having the ability to simply take a train, bus, etc.

Dorset Countryside

8. Social Life

Although, a city of 9 million people doesn’t necessarily mean you will make friends right away. The other part which I really appreciate is just getting inspired by content creators based in London, a Facebook group called Canadians in London, and at the end of the day social media.

hands of people holding beer and cheering in brewery pub

9. The Tube

Definitely appreciate how easy and quick to get around London with the underground system. Go anywhere and everywhere.

Underground London logo

10. British Sayings & Humour

The sayings and humour is something I am intrigued to learn more about.

I am chuffed to bits




A great video to explain the humour in more detail

Red telephone booth

11. Diverse City

London is a very diverse city. Over 300 languages spoken.

London from above

12. Sports

Many big sporting events. I am excited to see football matches, rugby, golf, tennis and F1 at Silverstone.

13. Arts & Culture

Definitely appreciate the music history and how London has been a major city for lots of global tours. The other aspect is how theatre has many unique shows going on. And of course for all the museums to check out. Those are free!

Concert background

14. Instagrammable Places

Yes, instead of calling places of interest I called it that. Well, to be fair there are tons of places in the UK to explore. I got some inspiration from a website called life in the uk test.

Here is another website for some top notch places.

The Lake District, England

15. Ocean Nearby

Check out Brighton, Southend-On-Sea, Dover, and so many more. As the Thames River is impressive how its 346km. The ocean can be much more of a wonderful sight with that added beauty of the sounds of waves.

48941,White Cliffs of Dover and Port Entrance, England

16. Airports

There are six airports in the area of London which is outstanding since it provides the ability to pick and choose relatively easily. Seeing all the airports located on a map can help provide a better visual.




City Airport



airplane on a blue background

17. Movies & TV Show

From Notting Hill, Lovesick, Last Christmas, there are plenty of amazing productions that took place in London. I look forward to exploring all these areas.

Movie clapper board

18. Bucket List

I am very grateful for all my unique opportunities I have pursued during being raised and growing up in Vancouver. I do believe that moving to a new country will open up amazing experiences that I would have never imagined. After all I am someone who loves lists as it creates motivation to constantly push my comfort zone.

Checklist box

19. Dating

I do believe something great will happen somewhere. So it could be in London. Or it could be somewhere in the UK. Or who knows maybe its on a travel journey around Europe. What a great story that would be. So let’s see what happens.

Collection of love hearts

20. Endless Things to Do

Whether it be taking photos of all my places I want to see around London, UK and of course traveling around Europe. While I am at London outside of taking photos there is always

Subway underground tunnel with blurry rail tracks in metro gallery